We Do Relief Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission to strive to help everyone in our community will be a task on its own. Chances are, your organization will have members or employees that will need these services as well. Your involvement will not only help them, but show that your organization’s support is helping families by filing their tax returns and/or relieving them from income tax debt. In order for our foundation to complete our goal, we are looking to YOU for financial support and locations to facilitate our events. We are a federally recognized non-profit organization, to which your donations count as a write off as well

Our Vision

These services alone can cost an individual taxpayer anywhere from $224 to $5,000*, which can cause financial strain on any average household. With our team of tax professionals, we will assist those in our community who struggle with these issues, our goal is to help everyone who attends

Our Impact

Our foundation was built to assist the general public with the preparation of tax returns and helping taxpayers getting out of debt with the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. Per the Tax Policy Center (TPC), over 50% of Americans fail to file their taxes. Arguably, these taxpayers don’t file taxes because they don’t possess the financial means to file OR lack the understanding of tax preparation.

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